Monday, March 23, 2015

Why do some albums take forever?

Why do some albums take forever? I think you keep your inspirations close to your heart whenever you write. You remember how your favorite albums feel as complete as films and as you draw on your own experiences (emotionally if not realistically), you might have a general sense of how things should feel before you even start. Letting the pie bake on the shelf, so to speak, is an important part of the process. In the case of my new album, I had cut tracks with a band, but was not so impressed with the arrangements. The grooves were solid and well-recorded, so they stayed with me like a finished foundation. I tend to push myself into new situations personally and professionally for the sake of some type of plympton-esque experiences that I can use as fodder, or more politely, “stems” for songs. You can be somewhat objective about your own process, as if the goal was to create a mixtape with your own work. You could seek to represent your breadth of ability, or choose to go deeply in one direction. In either case, the window-cooling aspect of the work is important. The silences more important than the notes. You might find yourself hitting some expressions perfectly, or tearing things up and starting over when you cannot triangulate your experience, abilities, and the moods of the chord sequences you’ve created. You might know that you don’t know something and need to hit it from a variety of directions. It’s normal to feel uncertain much of the time. At the same time, if you have some taste, you’ll have known when you’ve hit it and when you’re far off the mark. I've just released an album I've been working on and off on for 13 years. I'm proud of some of it. Most of it, I can stand. I see some areas that definitely need improvement, but you know when it's done.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Carolina Caffé

...directs "Fandom", featuring Shandoah Goldman. Watch it here:

Saturday, February 28, 2015

One Life to Live

One life to live how many artists have I met disguised as bankers how many directors droning in front of a monitor how many drinks have I had with middle aged persons imagining a future that never happens the brave die once cowards every morning if you opened your heart and no one cared it would still be there if you sang a song and people talked would you still be there you take measures your mental congress cuts your budgets you die of a billion paper cuts paying dearly for everything you wanted to say yourself with a wallet full of excuses and a generous retirement plan

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Secret to Practicing

If you have a strong aversion to practicing, it might be because your instrument is not sexy enough. You must feel the pull of its shape. You must want to hold it in your hands and play with its strings. Many times, I've pussied out at the last moment, not buying the object of my desire, but some lesser thing. I jab of guilt mixed with shame (that I'm wasting all my money on some fantasy) does me in when I reach for my wallet. So I bring the ugly thing home and resentment sets in. I become a super procrastinator and will go to a store and buy cookies, check email, watch youtube, do everything but what I set the time aside for. Only now at 47 do I realize the error of my ways. Never again. Debt or glory.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

So then the question becomes

It's not your voice  
It's not the chords  
It's not your blouse 
Or the choice of moods 

 It's the quality of your thinking 
That sets you apart  
The strength of purpose 
Coming from the heart 

 I can be polite to everyone  
I can force myself to care 
But with you it's effortless 
It takes me somewhere 

 It's not enough to be kind 
I get that from my dog 
It what's on your mind 
That turns me on