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Warm Blue Noise

Hit Me   As a whole, I feel that the modern world is sad enough without adding to it, but every once in a while, I can’t repress darker feelings, and I just sort of let it all hang out. I started listening to white noise as a way to get to sleep as too many times I found myself listening to Rolling Stones Greatest Hits albums on repeat at three in the morning, so Warm Blue Noise is my attempt at a lullaby for an insomniac.   I just wanted to shout out my collaborators. Greg Odell did a wonderful job on drums and percussion. Leon Gruenbaum came through with beautiful washes, jabs, and plinks from all sorts of keyboards and synthesizers, and Martin Scion did a wonderful job mixing and mastering, so warm blue noise is here and I hope you enjoy it more things planned for 2024. Thanks for listening, Bob.

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